Make an Easy DIY Journal Using Up-Cycled Materials

Make a DIY journal for yourself or someone you love. Make it any size – as a stand alone journal or an insert for the ever popular, traveler’s style notebooks, using up-cycled papers. It’s so quick & easy to do. I’m making this one for myself, as an insert for my traveler’s style journal.

Your easy DIY journal can be any size you like – from micro mini (super cute!) to large & coffee table bookish style. It’s your journal/book – make it with materials you love & a size that speaks to you. If it’s a gift, use materials that will float their boat. I use basic, everyday supplies for this journal. So, you can make it with things you probably already have hanging around your house.

This kind of DIY journal is my favorite – junk journal style! I kept it super basic, so it’s perfect if you’re just getting your feet wet in journal making.

In this 3 part video, I detail the supplies I used and how I put it together. I’ll share my favorite paper to use for water media in journals, along with other stuff I hope you’ll find helpful. It’s kinda long – just under an hour, so you have been duly warned.

If you’re wondering about common journal sizes, scroll below videos. These numbers are a big thanks to Growing Up Goddess – ( She makes great printables for your journals, just sayin’

To make full-size pages for your junk journal, double the width, as the pages will be folded in half. So, for the large, cahier size journal I made in the video, my pages were 8.25″ tall by 10″ wide. But, break the rules, if you want. I prefer to use lots of different sized papers in my journals.

Large/Cahier – Slightly wider than the regular Midori size, but same height.
5″ x 8.25″
127 mm x 210 mm

Standard – The original Midori Traveler’s Notebook size
4.33″ x 8.25″
110 mm x 210 mm

Personal – Comparable to the personal size Filofax inserts
3.75″ x 6.75″
95 mm x 171 mm

A6 – Shorter but wider than the personal size
4.13″ x 5.83″
105 mm x 148 mm
Common Names: A6
Note: Many people use A6 to describe inserts that are exactly 4″ x 6″, but the exact measurements are listed above
Field Notes – Shorter and slightly narrower than the personal size
3.5″ x 5.5″
89 mm x 140 mm

Passport – Shorter than the Field Notes size but with the same width
3.5″ x 4.8″
89 mm x 122 mm

Common Names: Passport, Pocket, Small

Teeny Tiny – Shorter and narrower than Passport size
2.75″ x 4″
70 mm x 101 mm